Be a Mentor


Mentoring provides long-lasting, one-to-one relationships. Little Friends receive one’s undivided attention, uninterrupted conversations, and unwavering support. Mentors are consistent – even when home, school, and friends are not. Once the match has been made, Bigs and Littles spend time together doing activities both enjoy, while building a strong relationship that will help Littles navigate through life’s challenges. Mentoring relationships have a positive effect on young people through personal growth/development and social/economic opportunity.


Fill out the application form below and return to the Big Friend Little Friend office.

Click here for the “Mentor Application Form”


    • Be at least 18 years of age for Community-Based Mentoring, 16 years of age for School-Based Mentoring and/or 25 years of age for Mentor Mom
    • Commit to spend one hour each week with a child or young mom and commit to be matched for at least one year.
    • Be able to serve as a positive role model for a child or young mother
    • Inform BFLF agency of any misdemeanor or felony charge, arrest, conviction, pardon, or any suspended imposition of sentence incurred during the intake process and/or the match.
    • Be free of drug and alcohol abuse or treatment for 3 years
    • Have a valid driver’s license, access to an insured vehicle, and proof of insurance (with the exception of the School-Based Program)
    • Complete an interview and home assessment with BFLF Staff
    • Provide four references
    • Consent to a criminal and Department of Motor Vehicle record check
    • Complete mandatory volunteer training
  • Along with this application you will be asked to submit a copy of your driver’s license and proof of auto insurance, if you participate in the community-based program.

“Being involved has been a blessing for me. When I moved to Mitchell, I was looking for something to get involved in to help others and to keep me busy during my free time. With my own children grown and on their own, I knew this program would be perfect for me. This allows me to make a difference in a young person’s life, while keeping me active and on the go. Having a Little Friend has allowed me to do some new activities that I would have never gotten to try otherwise, like Lawn Bowling, Quick-Draw shooting, and Kayaking. The best decision I’ve made since moving to Mitchell is getting involved in this program!” – Big Friend

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