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Terms of Use

This website educates and informs visitors about Big Friend Little Friend history, staff, board members, programs, upcoming events, and announcements. There are also opportunities for users to submit information directly to Big Friend Little Friend staff, which include enrollment for multiple different positions (Little Friend, Big Friend, Board Member, Intern) and submission of email addresses to receive the quarterly newsletter via email. 

The information obtained will be used by Big Friend Little Friend staff to meet the needs indicated by the submission prompt. The information may be shared with Board Members or interns if it is necessary to complete the request submitted. For users who indicated that they want to subscribe to the newsletter, their email may be imported into Mailchimp. Visit Mailchimp to learn more about their policies: When you submit your email and request a newsletter be sent to your email electronically, you give your permission for Big Friend Little Friend to send email correspondence via Mailchimp to your provided email address. Big Friend Little Friend provides opportunities for users to unsubscribe from the quarterly newsletters sent using Mailchimp.

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