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Be a Mentor Mom

Mentor Mom Requirements

To serve as a Mentor Mom, the individual must: 

  • Be at least 25 years of age and have a child

  • Fully complete and submit Mentor Mom application

  • Complete an interview and home assessment with Big Friend Little Friend/Mentor Mom staff

  • Have a home environment suitable for the mother and her child

  • Have a reliable means of transportation

  • Provide proof of a driver's license and auto insurance 

  • Demonstrate an interest in, and ability to work with mothers and children, including, respect for their safety

  • Demonstrate mental and emotional stability

  • Relate appropriately to BFLF staff and agree to work within agency guidelines

  • Agree to attend a training session with Big Friend Little Friend/Mentor Mom staff 

  • Mentor Mom will make a commitment to meet with their match once a week for a minimum of one year

*Final approval for all applications is dependent on the successful completion of a criminal background check 

Approved Mentor Mom Expectations

As a Mentor Mom, 

  • I understand that seeing my match consistently is one of the most important things I can do as a mentor, therefore, I will meet with my match weekly for one year. 

  • I understand that the relationship between my match and me is primarily a one-to-one relationship; therefore, I will not include other people in the majority of our outings.

  • I understand that I will learn personal information about my match and her family members that I will keep confidential.

  • I will not buy expensive gifts for my match.

  • I will keep in monthly contact with BFLF staff by responding to phone calls, emails, texts, and letters and share with them activities I have been doing with my Young Mom and how my match is going or if I have any concerns with my match. 

  • If a problem arises with my match, I will contact BFLF staff immediately. 

  • I will notify BFLF staff of any changes in my employment, residence, or telephone numbers. 

  • I understand that I am not to provide excessive babysitting for my Young Mom. Only after being matched for 6 months may I choose to occasionally babysit for the young mom. I understand this is not a requirement and I can choose not to provide any child care for the young mom. 

  • I understand that my match will at some point end through Mentor Mom/Big Friend Little Friend. I will do my part to end the match in a positive manner and in compliance with the Big Friend Little Friend guidelines. 

  • I understand that the agency may request from time to time that I come in for a review of the match relationship. I will respond to this request promptly. 

  • I understand that as a Mentor Mom I am a mandated reporter and that if my match discloses any type of abuse to herself or her child, I will need to contact the Case Specialist immediately and then report the information to the Department of Social Services (Child Protection). 

  • I understand that this will sometimes be a difficult journey. I understand that working with young moms is not always easy. I promise to continue in this match even when the interest in the program/match is not reciprocated by my match. 

"My favorite mentor unleashed my passions, channeled my energy, guided my growth and encouraged my success."

Anna Letitia Cook

Get a Mentor Mom

Young Mom Expectations

Here are the expectations BFLF holds for Young Moms: 

  • Arrange to spend time with my mentor once a week for a minimum of one year

  • I will not ask to bring friends, relatives, or boyfriends along on our outings (with the exception of my own child).

  • If I am under the age of 18, I will inform my parent/guardian of outings I have planned with my mentor.

  • I will be on time when my mentor picks me up or when I am to meet my mentor.

  • I will let my mentor know in advance if my plans change and I am unable to keep our meeting.

  • I will not expect my mentor to buy me gifts, take me on expensive outings, or pay for every activity.

  • I will keep in monthly contact with BFLF staff by: responding to phone calls, emails, texts, and letters; sharing with them what activities I have been doing with my mentor and how my match is going; and telling BFLF if I have any concerns with my match.

  • If a problem develops, I will IMMEDIATELY contact BFLF.

  • I agree to not ask my mentor to pay for my rent, loans, utilities, groceries, etc. 

  • I agree not to ask my mentor to babysit for me.

  • I agree to be an ACTIVE participant in this match. That means, I will initiate phone calls/texts, will return phone calls/texts, and will make every effort to make this friendship work.

  • I will notify BFLF of any changes in my employment, residence, or telephone number.

  • I understand that this is a friendship program and that my mentor is only trying to help me reach the goals I have for my life and my baby's life. 

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